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Delivering marketing sustainability in the world’s most vibrant ecosystems

Feb 27, 2020 • Aaron Goldman

Last week I conjured up our vision of the ecosphere by way of biodome. An ecosphere is defined as “the parts of the universe habitable by living organisms.” In the marketing world, that can be applied to the parts of the media landscape where people spend their time – and, in turn, where brands spend their budgets. With each passing quarter, this is happening more within closed ecosystems to the tune of 73% of consumer time spent and 56% of advertising budgets. (And that gap is closing fast!)

Wikipedia refers to an ecosphere as “a planetary closed ecological system” in which “the various forms of energy and matter that constitute a given planet interact on a continual basis.” Within an ecosphere are layers that act as “component spheres with the type and extent of each component sphere varying significantly from one particular ecosphere to another.” For example,  Earth’s ecosphere consists of five primary component spheres – the Geosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere, Atmosphere, and Magnetosphere.

As our chief product officer, Anupam Gupta, told Beet TV, converged media requires six steps which can be thought of as component spheres that ultimately make up the marketing ecosphere. They are Audiences, Creative, Planning, Activation, Measurement, and Optimization.

From a 4C perspective, we’ve built our Scope platform to incorporate each of these layers through a self-serve, vertically integrated marketing stack that can be plugged into multiple closed ecosystems. In so doing, we make the media universe more habitable for brands and drive business outcomes.

In our ecosphere, the various forms of energy and matter that constitute each layer interact on a continual basis and deliver exponential value.

Consistent and persistent definitions and deployment

Personalization at scale and streamlined collaboration

Holistic tools for convergence and forecasting

Unified and centralized campaign management

Integration of source-of-truth data and multi-touch attribution

Machine learning and automation across portfolio

It’s against this backdrop that we’re proud to announce we’re helping light up the NBCUniversal ecosystem as a core partner for One Platform. You can read more about the news in NBCU’s press release or the 4C official announcement.

We look forward to breathing new life into your marketing ecosphere.

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