Cross-Channel CPG Marketers: Start with TV and Social Advertising

Jun 04, 2018 • Josh Dreller

Unlike marketers in other verticals that target narrow slices of the population, CPG brands try to reach anyone who buys packaged goods such as food or household items. Because of this, CPG marketers have relied on television advertising for decades to deliver the mass reach they need.

As consumer habits change and the imperative for more cross-channel advertising rises, it makes sense that CPG marketers are keeping television as the foundation of their advertising while finding ways to connect other channels to complement its power. Other channels can also then be used to supplement TV’s reach when trying to target audiences such as Millennials who have become notoriously hard to reach on TV and lead every generational group when it comes to cord-cutting.

So, when considering where to start with your cross-channel planning, TV and social advertising would seem to be a perfect place to start.

After all, we’ve known for years that there’s a special relationship between television and social media. With 87% of people second-screening while watching TV and social app usage a primary activity, we often see that the biggest television events – from sports to the Oscars to politics to season premieres and finales – generate huge spikes in Tweets, Facebook posts, Snaps, etc.

The connection points are numerous: hashtags in commercials, social voting for reality show competitions, companion after-show discussions on social apps, etc. So, yes, these two channels – from a consumer perspective – are absolutely linked.

One of 4C’s founding missions has always been to help marketers navigate the intersection of advertising in premium channels (such as TV and Social) and, for us, that road clearly begins with audiences; specifically, using the data from one channel to help with the targeting of the other.

Smart TV Audiences for Social are unique to 4C and are quickly becoming one of our most popular products with CPG marketers. We make it easy for TV advertisers to extend their reach and impact into social and for social advertisers to leverage the power of television to energize their ads. These audiences are powered by the 4C Affinity Graph™ using cutting-edge, emerging datasets such as real-time viewership data from Inscape’s panel of 7.3 million smart TVs.

We currently offer two types of Smart TV Audiences:

  • 4C TV Viewership Audiences let you target social consumers who have or haven’t watched specific TV programs, networks, and day-parts.
  • 4C TV Reach Audiences let you target social consumers who have or haven’t been exposed to specific TV commercials.

4C clients can define and target Smart TV Audiences across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

One of the most valuable yet overlooked attributes of social advertising for CPG marketers is that social can make TV ads “clickable.” Our clients use their TV campaigns to drive awareness and interest at scale and then leverage paired social campaigns to engage and click away to their website or other content. It’s a great 1-2 punch to drive consumers through the funnel, especially when combined with other 4C targeting like Social Sync.

CPG Use Cases for Smart TV Audiences

  • Conquest competitors by targeting consumers on social who have recently seen your competitor’s television commercials. The CPG category is incredibly competitive and new customers are almost always won away from competitors.
  • Increase your reach by targeting social users who haven’t seen your TV ads. With more and more people watching ad-free streaming services, the need for CPG marketers to find new ways to reach consumers – especially younger generations – is becoming imperative.
  • Use creative storytelling to reinforce your recent, big television campaign with social ads. CPG products generally have a very short consideration cycle, so using a cross-channel, story-centric ad strategy can maximize your message to influence shoppers so they remember to buy your products when they’re at the store.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to use these TV-to-social targeted audiences and our CPG clients are coming up with new use cases every day. When you combine this powerful targeting with the creative and engaging ad formats available across the social sphere, it really demonstrates how cross-channel marketing can work to reach cross-screen consumers.