CPGs Increase Reach and Save Budget (and Time) with 4C

May 10, 2018 • Josh Dreller

Tools to manage marketing reach and frequency (R&F) across large suites of products and brand families are essential for keeping your consumer-packaged goods (CPG) brand top of mind.

“With CPG brands, reach has always been a critical factor for overall effectiveness,” says Stephan Haggerty, 4C’s Director of Product Management. “Changing behaviors at scale results in growing the business overall.”

How important is reach for CPG brands? In 2017, 63% of 4C’s CPG advertisers’ Facebook budgets were spent towards Reach & Frequency campaigns. In fact, by far, CPG is the vertical category with the highest percentage of spend going toward R&F campaigns.

To better illustrate just how popular R&F buys are for CPGs, compare that 63% to other verticals in 2017 buying Facebook through 4C:

  • Apparel/Footwear/Accessories: 13.5% of FB spend on R&F
  • Home & Garden: 10%
  • Travel: 9.9%
  • Auto: 6%
  • Retail: 5.6%
  • Telecommunications: 2.1%

Because of how important reach buys are for CPGs, 4C’s Facebook Reach & Frequency Optimizer is a valuable tool to help you find you the most efficient CPM buy that meets your goals. “With the 4C Reach & Frequency Optimizer, you can find the best price on Facebook and Instagram Reach buys by evaluating many different predictions at once,” says Haggerty.

We even color code the dozens of results we display so that it makes it easy to look through them. All you have to do is pick your best option and you’re ready to go.

First, you input your campaign details into the Prediction Settings window.

Scope platform showing 4C optimized predictions

Figure 1 – Prediction settings window for the 4C Reach & Frequency Optimizer

Then, it’s a simple click of a button and the tool returns a variety of results just as if you would have gone in yourself many times throughout the week in Facebook looking for the best deal. So, not only will you be able to find the biggest reach for the lowest CPM, but this will save your team a lot of time too.

Scope platform showing 4C optimized predictions

Figure 2 – An example of R&F results from the Optimizer

With 4C’s Reach and Frequency Optimizer, CPG advertisers can maximize their Facebook investment and:

  • Compare predictions based on CPM, budget, or reach (when you optimize towards spend), and the platform will highlight the best options to choose from.
  • Load and launch the campaign with just one click once you’re reviewed your options and made your decision.
  • Exercise greater control with the option to place ads on Facebook only, Instagram only, or across both instead of defaulting to all placements.

In a recent campaign, a CPG brand used the 4C Reach and Frequency Optimizer to decrease its CPM by 8.58% while increasing its reach by 9.4%.

Advertiser #1: Value of Scope over Power Editor

In another campaign, a CPG brand was able to increase its reach by 63.06% while decreasing its CPM by 12.71% using the 4C Reach and Frequency Optimizer.

Advertiser #2: Value of Scope over Power Editor

Want to learn more about the 4C Reach & Frequency Optimizer tool?

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