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We know brands are looking for accurate, up-to-date information about how the industry is responding to COVID-19, so we’ll be updating this page with our own resources as well as relevant information from our partners and about their policies.

Last updated June 3


How COVID-19 is impacting media ecosystems (Newsletter)

Resources in Scope during COVID-19 (Blog Post)

What social media can tell us about the pandemic (Newsletter)

Tuning in to TV trends during the pandemic (Newsletter)

How marketers are responding to COVID-19 (Newsletter)

Discussing #coronavirus (Chart)

COVID-19’s Impact on TV Ad Occurrences (Chart)

Building national movements on social media #ClapForOurCarers (Blog Post)

Tips and Tricks for WFH (Winning from Home) (Blog Post)

Virtual Gatherings (Infographic)

Eating From Home (Infographic)

Streaming-in-place (Blog Post)



COVID-19 frequently asked questions (Amazon)

A letter to our customers (Amazon)



Combatting COVID-19: How Data and Technology Can Help During the Pandemic (Experian)

US Consumer Sentiment During COVID-19 (Experian)



Marketing in uncertain times

Advertising policies around COVID-19:

Banning ads for medical face masks (Facebook)

Prohibiting exploitative tactics in ads (Facebook)

Banning ads for hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and COVID-19 test kits (Facebook)

Keeping our platform safe with remote and reduced content review (Facebook)

Supporting global health organizations with free ads and more (Facebook)

Read all of Facebook’s updates on the Coronavirus



Tracking COVID-19’s Influence In The U.S. (Foursquare)

Understanding The Impact of COVID-19 With Foot Traffic Data (Foursquare)

Monitoring The Effects Of COVID-19 With Location Data (Foursquare)



Advertising in Recession — Long, Short, or Dark? (LinkedIn)

Learning and Skills in Today’s Virtual Workplace (LinkedIn)

Global usage stats on #coronavirus (LinkedIn)

Virtual Events on LinkedIn: Activation Playbook (LinkedIn)

Emerging Best Practices for Engaging with Your Audiences (LinkedIn)

Check out our LinkedIn Learning courses on remote working – for free  (LinkedIn)

Read all of LinkedIn’s updates on the Coronavirus



COVID-19 Marketer Reactions (Mediaocean)

Special Report: COVID-19’s Short and Long-term Impacts on Media (Mediaocean)



COVID-19 TV Habits Suggest The Days Are Blurring Together (Comcast)

COVID-19 Impact on Media Habits & Ad Engagement Week 4 (NBCU)

Working Together to Beat COVID-19: How Our Industry Navigates the COVID-19 Crisis Together (NBCU)

When Less is More: Giving Back to Our Audiences and Partners (NBCU)

COVID-19 Impact on Media Habits: 3/14/20 – 3/20/20 (NBCU)

Tech Category Insights (NBCU)

Retail Category Insights (NBCU)

Restaurant Category Insights (NBCU)

Programming + Event Updates (NBCU)

Read all of NBCU’s updates on the Coronavirus



COVID-19: Tracking the impact on FMCG, Retail and media (Nielsen)



4 entertainment trends marketers can leverage to boost spirits—and revenue (Pinterest)

Consumers Are Looking to the Future—Brands Need to Do the Same (Adweek)

How to communicate with Pinners in a time of crisis (Pinterest)

Tips to help your small business during trying times (Pinterest)

How people are using Pinterest right now gives me hope (Pinterest)
Helping with COVID-19 (Pinterest)

Introducing the Today tab for daily inspiration (Pinterest)

Pinterest is combatting misinformation by customizing search results (The Verge)



COVID-19: Business Resource Center

Snapchat introduces Discover space for COVID-19 (Mashable)

What Snapchatters are saying & doing about Coronavirus (Snap)

How Snapchatters are adapting to the COVID-19 health crisis (Snap)



Consumer Financial Hardship Study: The impact due to COVID-19 (TransUnion)



Navigating the new norm  (Twitter)

Advertising during COVID-19 (Twitter)

Advertising policies around COVID-19 (Twitter)

“Brand Communications in a time of crisis” from Alex Josephson, Global Head of Twitter Next – Brand Strategy (Twitter)



3 Questions Marketers Should Ask Before Adjusting Their Campaigns for the COVID-19 Crisis (VidMob)