Scroll down to see videos filmed live during the Cannes Lions 2018 festival as 4C CMO, Aaron Goldman, interviewed industry movers and shakers about the trend towards audience-centricity on board our rickshaw.

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4C CMO, Aaron Goldman, dons a beret to preview 4C at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

TruSignal CEO, David Dowhan, discusses data trends with 4C CMO, Aaron Goldman at Cannes.

Integral Ad Science VP of Partnerships, Denise Zaraya, talks to 4C CMO, Aaron Goldman, about the importance of transparency and a consumer-centric approach.

MediaLink Managing Director, Matt Spiegel, joins 4C CMO, Aaron Goldman, to talk about bringing audience driven marketing to television.

Cuebiq SVP of Sales, Brad Piggott, joins 4C CMO, Aaron Goldman to discuss how GDPR has impacted the location data space.

Michael Akkerman, Head of Marketing Partnerships at Pinterest, discusses why Pinterest is the search engine of the future with 4C CMO Aaron Goldman.

Daniel Druger, Head of Revenue Partnerships at Snapchat talks about the key themes for Snapchat at Cannes Lions with 4C CMO Aaron Goldman.

4C Chief Product Officer, Anupam Gupta, shares his top three takeaways from Cannes Lions with Aaron Goldman, CMO.

Andy Plesser, CEO, Beet.TV talks to Aaron Goldman about the key conversation topics at Cannes Lions.

Matt McGowan, President at Adestra, discusses the importance of customer service with 4C CMO Aaron Goldman.

Patrick Workman from Experian joins Aaron Goldman at Cannes to talk about the 4C and Experian partnership.

iCrossing Chief Engagement Officer, Anne Bologna, discusses the latest innovations in audience-driven marketing with Aaron Goldman, CMO.

Perform Media CEO, Leo Polanowski talks about diversification at Cannes with Aaron Goldman, 4C CMO.

4C CMO Aaron Goldman closes out our Rickshaw Ramblings series with a special edition featuring our pedicab driver, Ella.