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Brands: It’s time to re-anchor your stack

May 27, 2020

Consumers have unprecedented choice and heightened expectations when consuming media. They demand privacy-compliant experiences, tailored to them, and available seamlessly across channels and devices. Publishers must reinvent ways to deliver content, capture attention and make money in a fragmented media landscape. And marketers must navigate that landscape, reach their best audiences with engaging content, and somehow prove the effectiveness of marketing on their bottom line.

There is a media environment that meets these demands: where consumers gain access and find content they care about without being bombarded with irrelevant ads; where publishers protect and monetize their assets through data-driven advertising; and where brands achieve precision targeting. 

These are the Closed Ecosystems. And they’re growing.

Put your money where your audience is

Consumers are spending 81% of their time with media inside closed ecosystems, but brands still spend most of their tech dollars through DSPs that only enable access to media where consumers are spending the other 19%. Out in this open web, the cookie is crumbling, and the DSP, the traditional anchor of the marketing tech stack, is becoming obsolete – especially in a world of converged TV.

What if brands had a different anchor? Enterprise marketing software that allowed them to transparently manage audiences, creative, planning, activation, measurement, and optimization in one place. To surface actionable insights across channels. To break free from inflated CPMs and tech taxes. To break down silos separating marketing functions and creating inefficiency. To prevent closed ecosystems from grading their own homework and optimizing for their own goals. What if brands had a self-serve, independent system that was interoperable across closed ecosystems and that seamlessly integrated vital marketing capabilities?

vertical stack

Scope: the Closed Ecosystems Platform

The good news is, a solution exists. Scope by 4C™ is the Closed Ecosystems Platform (CEP) that combines essential marketing functions in a single vertical stack with comprehensive interoperability across closed ecosystems, and is the intelligent solution that allows marketers to take control of their media and reach consumers where they are most engaged.

It’s time to flip the switch, and make the CEP, instead of the DSP, the anchor to your tech stack. Don’t get left out in the open web.