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Brands Behind Closed Doors: Shoppable ads prove their mettle as a New Competitive Advantage in Media—and That’s a Good Thing for Agencies

May 21, 2020 • Aaron Goldman

Hope this finds you well. And on behalf of everyone: THANK YOU HEALTH CARE & Essential Workers!

If you’re wondering about the hodgepodge subject and unrelated image, let me connect the dots…

This week we published four articles on key themes in the marketplace and I attempted to mash the headlines together into one while retaining each publication’s title case–or lack thereof.

In so doing, I was reminded of the signs adorning our neighborhood that boldly set out in all caps only to run out of space in the third line.

In both situations, I hope you’ll agree the effort was noble and the cause is worthy.

Here’s a rundown of the bylines:

  Brands Behind Closed Doors: Content For a Changed Audience by our VP, Revenue EMEA Karl Knights in Advertising Week 360

Shoppable ads prove their mettle during lockdown by our CPO Anupam Gupta in VentureBeat

 Interoperability Emerges as a New Competitive Advantage in Media by our CEO Lance Neuhauser in Advertising Week 360

The Value of Audience Intelligence Extends Beyond Media—and That’s a Good Thing for Agencies by yours truly in StreetFight Mag

In parsing these trends, I’d ask you to refrain from calling buzzword bingo and instead focus on the commonalities among sport sponsorship, integrated commerce, closed ecosystems, and actionable insights.

Essentially it all comes down to connecting brands and people in novel ways. And isn’t that what marketing is all about at its core? Now seems an especially good time to return to that timeless truism.

Meanwhile, if you’re still hung up on bingo, I’d encourage you to download a board from the 4C Virtual Meeting Bingo created by our QA Engineer Tom Marshall and use it on your next videoconference.


And if you’re hung up on headline mashups, check out what bots and other bad actors did to CNBC Meg Graham’s article on how plagiarized sites generate ad revenue.

If nothing else, this is yet another lesson about the perils of the open web and why walled gardens are winning the pandemic.

Take care and see you ‘round the Virtual Water Cooler.

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