Audiences Upfront and Center at Forrester Consumer Marketing 2018

Apr 12, 2018 • Aaron Goldman

Last week I attended the Forrester Consumer Marketing conference in New York. For the most part, I sat upfront and center save one or two sessions where I had to get the wide angle shot for optimal placement of our 4C Snap filter.

Forrester Consumer Marketing 2018 with 4C Snapchat filter

You may also recognize the “Audiences Upfront and Center” tagline from our recent promotion around 4C Advanced TV Week. Indeed, much of the focus throughout the Forrester event was on the theme of customer obsession and how important it is to properly sequence advertising across channels to be relevant to the customer life cycle – or, as VP Principal Analyst Joanna O’Connell terms it “omnichannel advertising.”

Omni-channel slide

In her session, aptly titled, “The Future of Omnichannel Advertising Must Be Customer Obsessed,” Joanna shared research that showed some of the key benefits that programmatic technology has brought to bear including improved targeting, media effectiveness, and transparency.

slide about priorities in respect to programmatic advertising

Joanna also moderated a discussion among senior marketing leaders including Mike Sallette, Head of Brand Media, at Nestlé Waters, Josh Herman, Global Director, GSMI IT Integrated Marketing & Analytics at Kimberly-Clark Corporation, and Doug Jensen, VP CRM and Corporate Marketing Analytics, at Estée Lauder. Of course, the recent news around Facebook shutting down Partner Categories was a hot topic especially for these CPG companies but no one seemed overly panicked. Indeed, there are other forms of targeting marketers can use to reach their most valuable audiences without accessing user-level data from third parties.

Panel discussion with Joanna O'Connell, Mike Sallette, Josh Herman, and Doug Jensen

The scuttlebutt around Facebook was such a big issue that Forrester created a last minute session just to address what was happening.


VP Research Director Brigitte Majewski and Senior Analyst Jessica Liu hosted the discussion and shared the point-of-view that ultimately marketers should not quit Facebook but now is as good a time as any to revisit policies and priorities around data management, especially in light of GDPR.

Panel discussion with Brigitte Majewski and Jessica Liu

From targeting on Facebook to audience-based buying on TV, the imperative is clear, use the data but don’t abuse it. Suppose you could call that the Goldman, er, Golden Rule of marketing.

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