All the analytics you need to get the job done

OAutomated campaign pacing

Gain hours of time back without having to manually manage campaigns. Integrate and monitor campaign pacing from a single dashboard that surface optimization recommendations to improve results.

NConsolidated global reporting

Analyze holistic campaign performance with a robust, flexible reporting interface that allows you to track custom KPIs across inventory, campaigns, and teams.

tThird-party measurement integrations

Improve workflow through seamless integration with platforms like Doubleclick and Mediaocean Prisma. Ensure no errors or missteps in campaign trafficking and gain visibility into social advertising spend and performance side-by-side with other channels.

zReal-time brand measurement

Harness trends in audience engagement, TV and social creative stickiness, and competitive benchmarks to measure brand impact and test the effectiveness of new products and messages.

A Transparent Holistic Approach

See the whole picture.

Our measurement philosophy is simple: 1. Create an open architecture platform​ that easily intergrates with the systems and platforms you're already using. 2. Enable full transparency across supported Scope inventory partners. 3. Power optimization using machine-learning algorithms and benchmarking to make you and your media work smarter.
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Go beyond demographics with insight into persona-based audience intelligence.


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