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Amazon Advertising in Scope by 4C: Are you ready for the -1 moment of truth?

Aug 16, 2018 • Aaron Goldman

Today we announced that Amazon Advertising is the latest to join our growing marketplace of premium inventory partners. This makes Scope by 4C™ the only platform in the world with Ads API integrations for Amazon Advertising, Apple News, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, NBCUniversal, Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat. Our self-serve UI enables marketers to work seamlessly across channels to deploy audiences, creative, and measurement with full transparency.

Over the past year, we’ve been actively expanding our platform to help brands win the war for consumer attention. Our commitment is to empower marketers to market the way consumers consume across the most valuable channels at the most powerful moments. Given our heritage in TV, social media, and premium video, 4C has excelled at delivering high-impact ad units that drive upper-funnel brand awareness and engagement. We’ve also helped our clients break through with direct response advertising at scale through formats like Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, Pinterest Search Ads, and other bottom-funnel offerings from our publisher partners.

With the addition of Amazon Advertising, we’ve got a lock on the entire funnel. You can’t get any closer to the point of purchase than Amazon. Even Google, which prides itself on being the zero moment of truth, is one click removed from the transaction. I guess that makes Amazon the -1 moment of truth. This is the place where people come with their minds made up that they want to make a purchase and brands have one last chance to seal – or steal – the deal.

In last week’s newsletter we talked about the right/right/right/right paradigm – right person, right message, right place, right time. With Amazon Advertising in tow, 4C is better equipped than ever to help you do right by your customers and take your rightful place among the marketing elite. Fill out this form to get more information about leveraging our solution for Amazon Advertising.

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