Advanced TV Webinar Recap

Apr 02, 2018
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Recently, as part of 4C’s Advanced TV Week, I hosted the 4C webinar, Are You Ready for Advanced TV?, with Forrester Research’s Jim Nail and Horizon Media’s Sam Rose.

4C Advanced TV Week was a series of events, content, and education designed to help advertisers understand how to leverage audience-based planning and buying technology for the Upfronts season.

As defined in our white paper (also released for 4C Advanced TV Week), Use the Data, Advanced TV is not a marketing channel but rather an expression to describe the various ways and forms that television advertising is morphing during this rapid period of evolution. “Advanced TV is a sort of catch-all term that describes the methods and practices of applying two key things: data and technology – for the purposes of analytics and decisioning — within a TV environment,” says Dan Aversano, Senior VP, Ad Innovation & Programmatic Solutions at Turner Ad Sales. “Everything else, whether it’s programmatic, addressable, or something else, is a subset of that overall umbrella concept.”

Advanced TV is taking off in 2018 – and that was the major theme of Jim’s recent research by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), one of the ad industry’s biggest trade associations. What he found as he surveyed ANA members is that the interest level around using advanced data and technology within the television industry and that more than 50% of marketers report that they’re likely to incorporate Advanced TV into their plans in 2018.

Graph showing industry knowledge on addressable TV

This is a key milestone for the television industry that has traditionally been slow to change over its nearly seventy-year history. However, as digital marketing now grabs the lion’s share of the advertising budget, the most forward-thinking TV advertisers, agencies, and networks have begun to embrace the way that data and technology can evolve their businesses.

Jim presented his research which clearly shows that advertisers are already thinking about and investing in Advanced TV. He also used the technology adoption curve model to point out that the television industry is well on its way through the early majority stage and that it seems inevitable that this new approach will be the norm very soon.

graph of technology adoption curve

Next up was Sam Rose, the SVP of Video Investment at Horizon Media, whose agency already has an Advanced TV practice well under way. She discussed how marketers are thinking about Advanced TV in two distinct tactics: audience-based buying and addressable.

Audience-based buying uses advanced data analysis and algorithms to target linear TV buys to specific audiences. This is the focus of our 4C TV suite, which combines an advanced audience platform with TV planning and buying tools, to help marketers go beyond just age/gender when creating optimized media plans.

Addressable advertising is what most people feel will eventually become the future state of television advertising as, much like in digital marketing, it serves personalized ads based on what is known about the device including historic viewing behavior and other factors. In this one-to-one marketing approach, two people in the same home and watching the same program may have two different commercial experiences based on the historical viewing habits of each set-top box. Addressable has some business issues to work out before it can scale to the levels needed by TV advertisers, but there’s enough inventory available today for advertisers to begin testing.

Sam shared some of points/counterpoints on between audience-based buying and addressable television advertising. As a true practitioner with deep experience in both approaches, she was able to convey her real-world experience in a meaningful way that made her presentation both interesting and valuable to the webinar attendees.

Sam also shared some information on Pivot, Horizon’s proprietary tool (powered by 4C), that helps Horizon teams ensure that every linear buy is able to deliver the highest concentration of the target audience.

Before a final Q&A with Jim and Sam, I presented some more information on 4C TV and announced 4C’s new news site, AdvancedTVNews.com, which brings the best articles from around the web on this emerging area as well as original content from 4C.

Overall, the webinar was a very good dive into Advanced TV and I recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about this topic and how marketers are considering advanced data and technology to increase their effectiveness with television advertising. We’re looking forward to next year’s 4C Advanced TV Week and sharing the continued progress the industry is making and the success outcomes our clients have achieved. If you’re interested in leveraging 4C for this year’s Upfronts (or scatter throughout the year) fill out the form here to request a complimentary Advanced TV audit for your brand.

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