Get Certified on 4C

4C University (4CU) is a web-based learning platform that offers on-demand classes for clients who want to get up and running on the 4C product suite.

Customized Learning

4CU is available for clients looking to certify an entire team, get a new hire on-boarded quickly, or an advanced planner looking to gain more knowledge in digital and social media. The content is great for anyone needing a deep dive into 4C products or just a quick refresher on our tools. 4CU training modules are constantly refreshed with new classes coming out regularly. We can work together to develop a customized learning plan to meet your individual or team goals.


101: Getting Started with 4C

Get a quick start on the 4C Social Ads product with the fundamentals of managing social advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.

201: Leveraging 4C Tools

Continue your 4C foundations with advanced features like Smart Groups, Toolboxes and Target Sets to get the most out of your social programs.

Social Ads

Facebook & Instagram

101: Getting Started with Facebook & Instagram

Learn how to become successful with Facebook & Instagram through 4C Social Ads including campaign set-up and targeting.

201: Tracking, Optimization and Reporting

Focused on measurement and optimization, learn about third-party tracking capabilities and optimization tactics for Facebook & Instagram.


101: Getting Started with Twitter

Learn the fundamentals of managing Twitter advertising on 4C Social Ads including setting up campaigns, applying creative, and a deep dive into targeting options.

201: Optimization and Reporting

Building on Twitter basics, this course covers conversion tracking implementation, optimization tactics and creating custom reports.


101: Getting Started with Pinterest

Here you’ll learn how to manage Pinterest advertising via 4C Social Ads including setting up campaigns, ad groups and Promoted Pins.

201: Targeting, Bidding and Reporting

Learn about the Targeting Analysis Toolbox and Pinterest Performance Toolbar. Also, discover the best bidding tactic and reporting options for your campaigns.

301: Optimization and Best Practices

Learn how to use the conversion tag for Pinterest and implement Pinterest optimization tactics and best practices.

More Social Ads


101: Getting Started with LinkedIn

Learn about LinkedIn advertising on 4C Social Ads including campaign set-up, placement, bidding and targeting capabilities.

201: Targeting, Placements and Optimization

Dig deeper into 4C Toolboxes, optimization tactics and bidding best practices for LinkedIn.


101: Getting Started with Snapchat

Learn how to create and manage your Snapchat campaigns, Ad Squads and Ads using 4C.

201: Reporting & Optimization

Use 4C Toolboxes, Smart Groups and the Report Center to manage and optimize Snapchat.

Certified Clients

Reach out to your 4C representative to join the ranks of these companies whose team members have completed 4CU courses.