4C Connects TV and Social Media to Improve Multi-Screen Brand Experiences

Sep 15, 2015

Company Integrates Teletrax’ TV Synced Ads with its Social Ads Product

Cologne, Germany – September 15, 2015 – 4C, a data science company that is powering the future of advertising, today announced at dmexco 2015 its first product integration with Teletrax technology. The new solution enhances the ability for advertisers to deliver precise multi-screen and multi-channel advertising. Now, for the first time, brands can serve ads on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram at the same time their ads, or competitors’ ads, are running on television.

4C’s TV Synced Ads powered by Teletrax identifies TV programs and commercials within seconds of broadcast and triggers digital campaigns for synchronization and/or competitive response. These ads can be delivered through social, video, display, and search channels across phone, desktop, and tablet devices for truly integrated marketing. This enables advertisers to reach the right people, with the right content, at the right place and time. Additionally, through 4C’s Social Ads Product, marketers can leverage targeting based on predictive data science, capitalize on pre-optimized, custom audience segments and manage complex campaigns with simplicity through bulk editing, smart groups and auto-optimization tools.

The 4C and Teletrax product integration provides a solution for marketers to reach today’s consumers given their multi-tasking and multi-screening behavior. 61 percent of U.S. TV viewers simultaneously use phones, laptops or tablets while watching TV (TiVo, 2014). While watching primetime TV and commercials, 71 percent visit a social media platform during the commercial and 64 percent visit a social media platform during the TV show (Facebook, “From One Screen to Five: The New Way We Watch TV” conducted by Millward Brown 2014).

Through 4C, advertisers have multiple options for syncing TV and digital media such as:

  • Simulcast – Shows simultaneous ads across screens while your TV commercial airs;
  • Conquest – Softens competitors’ messages by syncing with their TV spots;
  • Category – Automatically coordinates ads within 17 product categories.

“To keep pace with changing consumer interests on multiple devices, advertisers must be nimble and more thoughtful when developing strategies to reach relevant audiences,” said Dr. Alok Choudhary, 4C Founder and Chief Scientist. “This powerful offering, which is based on proven data science, provides advertisers with many layers of multi-screen targeting and yields more precise engagement and ultimately a better brand experience and outcome.”

“TV and social media provide an extraordinary combination that produces marketing results never before realized,” said Gerry Bavaro, SVP, Enterprise Solutions, Merkle. “I’ve seen firsthand the power of Teletrax’ technology for driving targeted reach and audience response. Our clients are well-positioned to benefit from 4C’s continued innovation as it leads the convergence of TV and digital.”

Last month 4C acquired Teletrax, which provides the world’s most advanced and accurate solution for real-time television analytics and cross-screen synchronized marketing campaigns. Its technology complements the 4C offering by adding additional data sources and functionality for real-time TV analytics. Today’s announcement marks the first product integration of Teletrax technology into 4C software. In addition to leveraging Teletrax’ global TV monitoring network, the solution enables advertisers to leverage 4C’s proprietary audience affinities for more effective targeting on social media.

4C’s products are built on more than 30 years of computational science research by Dr. Choudhary at prestigious institutions including Northwestern University. Teletrax’ patented technology leverages hardware and intellectual property acquired from Royal Philips Electronics.

4C will be demonstrating its integrated solutions at dmexco 2015, hall 6, booth A038.

About 4C

4C is powering the future of advertising through unique applications of data science and software engineering. Advertisers, agencies, media companies and content owners use 4C’s technology to improve effectiveness across TV, digital, social and mobile. 4C created the first platform to enable advertising across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram through certified API access. The company also operates Teletrax, the largest global TV monitoring network covering more than 2,100 channels in 76 countries. Based in Chicago, 4C has staff in 15 worldwide locations across the United States, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, India and Singapore. Visit www.4Cinsights.com for more information.