4C 2018 Year in Preview

Jan 04, 2018 • Aaron Goldman

Last week I shared a 4C 2017 Year in Review. Sadly, we couldn’t fit “all the news that’s fit to print” into a single newsletter intro so instead you got “all the news that fit” and I had to make some tough decisions about which highlights to, well, highlight.

Now let’s turn from the rear-view mirror to the front dashboard and look at what’s ahead for the coming year. As with our year in review, I’ll forego an exhaustive preview of what’s to come in 2018.

For those that want to go deep, we’ll be publishing the next installment of our Future of Media series with 2018 industry predictions along with a video featuring viewpoints from 4C clients and thought leaders over the coming weeks.

For now, though, let’s focus on 2 emerging themes: Audiences and Experiences.

There once was a time when advertising was solely based on linear content. Live content was the consumer experience. And that content served as a proxy for the audience.

Want to watch football? Turn your TV on at noon on Sunday.Want to reach football fans? Buy TV ads during football games.

These days content is consumed on-demand across multiple publishers, formats, and devices. The experience is highly tailored to the individual. And so, for the most part, are the ads.

Even broadcast television, the last bastion of linear content, is embracing the time-shifted, multi-screen experience and adopting audience-based advertising.

2018 will see further ­– and faster ­– acceleration of audience-driven marketing and personalized consumer experiences. That goes for the industry at large and certainly within the 4C product suite.

In the coming year, we’ll be releasing new tools for audience insights that allow for transparent exploration, extrapolation, and exportation.

We’ll also be launching new private marketplaces where audience-based advertising can be activated in real-time. The publishers we’ll partner with will be premium in nature and the ad formats we’ll support will be native to the experience.

And, of course, all of the above will be done across screens and integrated on a single platform.

For marketers, and especially 4C clients, it’s great to be alive in 2018.

Now, rev up your engines for more 4C’s Insights.

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