4 Back-to-School Trends for Social Media Marketers

Sep 05, 2019 • Aaron Goldman

‘Tis the season when summer fades and thoughts turn from crashing waves to pumpkin spices. As students head back to school, marketers seek to make the grade with timely and engaging campaigns. Here are 4 trends in social media that seem to be fall-ing into place:

  1. Social commerce. As Quartz put it, why go to the mall when you can look at Instagram? Indeed, with Instagram Checkout gaining adoption and influencers continuing to embrace the platform, there’s no better place to shop for the VSCO girl in your life. Meanwhile, Pinterest is growing leaps and bounds with shopping features like browsable catalogs.
  2. Social video. With each tick of the clock more time is being spent on TikTok which NPR calls the Internet’s hottest meme breeding ground. Gen Z is all over it as are early adopter publishers and brands. Speaking of NPR and video built for social sharing, if you haven’t seen it be sure to check out Lizzo’s Tiny Desk Concert.
  3. Social tweetjacking. It all started with a simple Retweet with Comment. 10 days later Popeye’s was sold out of chicken sandwiches across the U.S. This wasn’t the first time a tweet sent masses of people into a restaurant and caused a sellout. It wasn’t even the first time fast-food chicken went viral on Twitter. It just goes to show that striking while the oven, er, iron, is hot on social media can really stimulate appetites, er, audiences.
  4. Social trendjacking. If you didn’t click on the pumpkin spice link earlier, you may have missed the important (but unconfirmed) news about White Claw’s newest flavor. The hard seltzer brand has had quite a run lately, earning trending hashtag status and looking to stake its claim for the next season. Of course, not every brand can strike gold ­­– or pumpkin for that matter – with a product that captures the zeitgeist but just staying on top of the trends will prepare you for your moment in the sun – or shade (note: language NSFW).

So there you have it…4 current trends that can propel your marketing to the head of the class. Rest assured, when it comes to deciding how to cut in to the conversation, 4C has your back-pack.

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