20th Television Partners with 4C to Strengthen Audience Insights

May 26, 2016

Brand Integrations in The Wendy Williams Show Measured by 4C Proprietary Social Media and TV Analytics

Chicago — May 26, 2016 — 20th Television, the syndicated television division of 20th Century Fox Television, and 4C, a global leader in data science and media technology, today announced a partnership to deploy 4C Advertising Analytics to quantify the social effectiveness of brand integrations.

The partnership will enable 20th Television to determine which advertisers have a natural affinity with their programs and consequently, benefit the most from enhanced social engagement. Additionally, 20th Television will utilize 4C data to evaluate the impact of in-program integrations for its sponsors.

4C Advertising Analytics is the only SaaS solution to deliver unified data across TV ad occurrence, cost, household viewership, social engagement, and social affinity. It delivers comprehensive media measurement and the ability to quantify consumer response from brand integrations. Using this multi-screen intelligence, brands, agencies, and media owners can understand how sponsorships are performing, improve target audience delivery and optimize brand activations.

The Wendy Williams Show, which already generates significant social engagement, will serve as the initial program launch of the 4C and 20th Television partnership. During this upfront, 20th Television and The Wendy Williams Show, produced and distributed by Debmar-Mercury, will offer four key advertisers the opportunity to have their brand seamlessly integrated into show and social content, while offering 4C Advertising Analytics. Media buys on Facebook, Twitter, and in program will also be included.

“Social data is an important piece of the media planning puzzle and used appropriately can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall marketing campaign,” said Debbie Reichig, Senior Vice President of Media Research at 20th Television. “Using 4C Advertising Analytics, The Wendy Williams Show sponsors have already realized the value of social media for improving brand affinity. We are excited to further implement this product to measure the social effectiveness for our selected sponsors and provide them with the quantifiable impact of their in-show integrations.”

Additionally, as part of the partnership, 20th Television will take advantage of 4C TV Synced Ads. The solution enables sponsors to automatically deliver digital ads coordinated with TV programming and advertising, providing brands the ability to make a stronger impact on second-screening audiences.

“20th Television distributes a vast amount of premium programming and its sponsors want to unlock the full media value from delivery to the impact on consumer behavior.” said Lance Neuhauser, CEO of 4C. “By fusing TV and social data, brands can now gain new audience insights. The result is smarter, more precise activations resulting in deeper audience engagement and brand impact.”

4C’s solutions are built on more than 30 years of computational science research by Founder and Chief Scientist, Dr. Alok Choudhary, at prestigious institutions including Northwestern University. Its patented technology also leverages the Teletrax infrastructure and intellectual property acquired through Civolution following its spin off from Royal Philips Electronics.

About Twentieth Television

A leader in the U.S. program distribution arena, Twentieth Television provides a wide array of first-run, network and off-network programming, as well as feature film packages, to the syndication and cable marketplaces.  Off-net shows distributed by Twentieth Television include “Modern Family,” “Empire,” “Family Guy,” “Glee,” “Last Man Standing,” “COPS Reloaded,” “Bones,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “American Dad,” “Bob’s Burgers,” and “The Simpsons”; First-run programs distributed by Twentieth Television include television’s longest running court show, “Divorce Court” and the entertainment magazine program, “Dish Nation.” Twentieth also handles media sales on behalf of Debmar-Mercury programming including “The Wendy Williams Show”, “Family Feud,” and “Celebrity Name Game”. 

About 4C

4C is a global leader in data science and media technology with solutions for multi-screen convergence. Brands, agencies, and media owners use 4C to improve effectiveness on TV, digital, social and mobile. The 4C product suite includes activation on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram as well as TV Synced Ads across display, search, social and video. The company also provides advertising and content analytics leveraging its Teletrax global TV monitoring network and proprietary social affinity database. Founded in 2011 and based in Chicago, 4C has staff in 17 worldwide locations across the United States, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, India and Singapore. Visit www.4Cinsights.com for more information.