2019 characters to kick off the year

Jan 03, 2019 • Aaron Goldman

I’ll spare you the resolutions. We’ve already given you the predictions. Today is simply about the characters.

It’s about the characters around you. The characters in your copy. And the character of your brand.

I’ll stick to the professional context here but these same principles can certainly be applied to your personal life.

First, the characters around you…

As you set out to conquer 2019 make sure you have the proper support structure. Is your team equipped with the right skills? Does your agency have the proper brief? Does your manager inspire you?

You may not be in a position to change out these characters but you can find ways to adapt and make the most of them. Check out this video (jump to 3:45) to see how we think about the adaptive quotient and 3 other Qs in the context of teams and talent.

Now for the characters in your copy…

In a world of fragmented attention across screens, it’s critical for marketers to be great storytellers. And great storytelling requires bravery and brevity. We need brave concepts that will stand out among the clutter and we need brief executions that will be viewed to completion.

Make sure you’ve done the research to get in your customers’ heads so you can give them what they want in the time they have available for it. And maybe even toss in ­– or target – an emoji for good measure.

As for the character of your brand…

When it comes to sensitive topics such as racial or gender equality and nature conservation, brands can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines. Unless your brand has an addressable market as broad as people with a face – yes, some marketers are quite fortunate – you need to decide what you stand for and make that clear to your customers.

When in doubt, consult this handy-dandy cheat sheet and let 4C be your [Brand] Compass so that the issues you choose to take a position on are the ones your constituents care about most.

One final word – and 51 characters – of advice for the year ahead…

Give yourself space.




And allow your space to count.



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