What does your behavior say about you? Probably more than what you say about you says about you.

Put another way, when trying to understand who someone is and what they care about, should you go off what they say or what they do?

This is the point I was trying to illustrate at Social Media Week in London. These were my first 3 slides:

Gone are the days of focus groups or primary research (aka polls) where we ask people to tell us what they’re interested in and what they intend to do. Today’s imperative is to leverage analytics from social media and other channels to build complete pictures of people based on their consumption and interactions.

Looking at the personas constructed based on people who engage with Nike on social media and their observed behavior, one has to wonder if the same picture would have emerged from merely asking a small sample of them what they care about.

So when it comes to identifying your best customers, be sure to get in their heads using all the data available. Don’t settle for bear-ly scratching the surface.

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