It’s hard to believe 2017 is almost over. Hopefully most of you are off the clock and enjoying time with friends and family.

For those who are still keeping tabs I invite you to take a trip down memory lane and relive some of the highlights from a 4C perspective and, next week, I’ll share a “Year in Preview” from an industry perspective. [Note from the future: check out our 2018 outlook here.]

We began the year with the appointment of Kim Norwesh as our Chief Human Resources Officer to help manage our growth from 175 to 250 global employees.

Also in January, we were the first to launch a self-serve technology solution for Snapchat, adding to our stable of premium inventory alongside Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.

In February, our CEO, Lance Neuhauser, appeared on Cheddar to chat Snap and we used our exclusive data sets across TV and social media to publish impact reports for the Super Bowl, Grammys, and Oscars before putting the data into action for Nice’n Easy using 4C TV Sync on Facebook.

In March, we were honored to be named #1 in customer satisfaction by G2 Crowd for Cross-Channel Advertising Software, a ranking that we still hold to this day, and launch the 4C TV suite to help brands win the battle for consumer attention.

In April, we held a webinar with special guest, Jim Nail from Forrester, covering audience-driven planning for linear TV and won a bronze in the Shorty Awards with Wieden+Kennedy for our Old Spice TV Sync campaign on Twitter.

In May, we used social media to analyze the French elections results and our founder and chief scientist Dr. Alok Choudhary was named one of Adweek’s 26 trailblazers revolutionizing the field of marketing technology.

In June, we partnered with Group IMD on real-time optimization of TV advertising internationally and looked at how social media predicted a hung Parliament in the UK election.

In July, we joined Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel at an event celebrating leadership and job creation in the technology sector and published our State of Social report which showed a 40% bump in Facebook spend along with a case study on how MTV increased awareness using 4C Social Sync on Snapchat.

In August, we were named a finalist for the Drum Digital Trading Awards with our partner Resolution for our SAP TV Synced Ads campaign and we announced the milestone of $1 billion in paid media running through our platform. (BTW, as of December we’re now on a $1.8 billion annualized run rate.)

In September, Alok was named the Best Tech Manager at the Timmy Awards and we pioneered the next phase of advanced TV with a Mediaocean integration and the first self-serve programmatic technology solution for NBCUniversal, allowing linear television ads to be transacted through our platform with Target as our launch client.

In October, our CPO Anupam Gupta laid out our vision for cross-channel optimization and we showcased results from OVO Energy using 4C Sync to boost Facebook ads using weather triggers along with launching our new Pacing Dashboard.

In November, I weighed in on the mounting crisis over Russian election interference, Lance shared thoughts with the Wall Street Journal on Snap growth, and Anupam opined on why it could become the next must-see TV network.

In December, we promoted out our support for Pinterest Search with a webinar, placed our TV Social Lift rankings for UK Christmas Adverts in the Daily Mail, and shared insights on how Donald Trump impacts brand sentiment.

Oh yeah, we also made a card game. Let us know if you want one and use #KnowYourMarketingMeme for great combinations of images and captions.

Thank you to all 4C clients and partners for an amazing year and best wishes for health, happiness, and prosperity in 2018!

By saving you 17 hours a week and driving tangible business results, we can certainly help you with 2 out of 3 – as for health, the best we can do is revisit Alok’s piece for Harvard Business Review in which we uncovered an affinity between Santa Claus and nicotine gum.

Now, it’s time to review the rest of 4C’s Insights.

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