People in the UK take their Christmas ads very seriously. The fact that the coverage of our UK Christmas TV Social Lift Rankings in The Daily Mail received nearly 400 comments should attest to that.

It’s the equivalent of the US Super Bowl. Advertisers spend massive sums on creative production and media placement to win the hearts and minds of heightened audiences.

Typically, the ads from John Lewis and Marks & Spencer are the talk of the town – and social media – but this year people didn’t “carrot all” about them as much as they did the spot from Aldi featuring a cute little orange vegetable named Kevin.

Now, of course, we must point out that these are lift scores not volume scores. Aldi had a smaller number to begin with so it’s relatively easier to show growth.

That said, JL and M&S both released their ads first on Twitter so they had a jump start on social media engagement.

The beauty of our analysis, though, is that we look at only the 5 minutes following each spot airing on television. This allows us to strip out some of the pure viral effect and zero in on the impact of the big screen.

As ever, the key for marketers is to ensure brands have coverage across all screens. With audiences moving portably from device to device to consume content and share reactions, brands must be present at the moments of truth with paid media spend.

This year, Aldi scored a (Vitamin) A+ and should see a happy ending to the festive season.

Now “stick” with us for the rest of 4C’s Insights. And Merry Christmas to advertising and media lovers around the world.

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