What better way to count down to Christmas than with 12 days of 4C Hot Facts?

Starting tomorrow, we’ll be publishing a Hot Fact every weekday in the spirit of the classic English carol.

As 4C clients know, our Hot Facts help keep the pulse of pop culture (and provide valuable audience targets) using social media data to identify connections between brands, TV programs, notable people, events, and more.

Given that the 12 days song was written in the 1700s though, some of the core themes are not terribly relevant – maids a milking ain’t exactly trending on Twitter – so we’ve taken the liberty of updating them to more current entities.

Here’s the roll call:

  1. Partridge — Danny Bonaduce
  2. Turtle Doves — Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  3. French Hens — French’s
  4. Calling Birds — Aflac
  5. Golden Rings — Tiffany & Co
  6. Geese — Canada Goose
  7. Swans — Swarovski
  8. Maids — Horizon Organic
  9. Ladies — The Rockettes
  10. Lords — Lord & Taylor
  11. Pipers — Orange is the New Black
  12. Drummers — KFC

Tune in to our website and social channels over the next 2 weeks to see the top brands for each of these fine offerings and get inspired for your seasonal gift giving and/or ad targeting.

Now, my true loves, please carry on with more of 4C’s Insights.

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