John Lewis and Marks & Spencer came out with their highly anticipated Christmas adverts last week and regardless of which one you preferred we can all agree that they were remarkable in their use of social media.

Both spots were first released on Twitter and included prominent hashtags. As for which retailer tallied the most use of their hashtag during the first four days following their ads launching, John Lewis took the tally.

Looking further at social engagement and sentiment we can see that John Lewis had higher volume overall but M&S scored higher sentiment.
What trend does this portend for marketeers? As I told Campaign:

“Putting aside the content, this year’s John Lewis Christmas ad is a reflection of the state of advertising itself. Gone are the days when you can just run an ad on television to reach and engage your audience. Also gone are the days when you can just run static assets on social media and expect them to go viral.”

Recent data from eMarketer underscores the prevalence of multi-screen consumption on this side of the pond as well. In fact, nearly 180 million Americans will go online while watching TV this month.

So what’s the net imperative? Well, as I told Netimperative:

The fact that both John Lewis and Marks & Spencer released their Christmas adverts on Twitter this year shows how far forward social media has come in the marketing playbook. The second screen has officially become the first screen. As such, the most savvy marketeers are producing high-end assets for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snap. Even Pinterest and LinkedIn accept video now. Of course, social alone cannot deliver on marketing goals and television is still an important medium for driving reach and building awareness. Brands must take strategies that cut across screens to drive audience engagement.

There you have it, folks. Social media has moved past cat videos to become the key platform for monsters, bears, and every beast in between. But don’t scare away the rest of your media plan this season as only a well-orchestrated multi-channel campaign will curry Santa’s favor.

Now, foresee the ghost of Christmas future with the rest of 4C’s Insights.

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