New York Television Week is always a great reminder of how much is at stake as we look ahead to the future with advanced advertising.

Charlene Weisler did a great job recapping the key takeaways for MediaVillage. Here’s how she kicked off her piece:

With platform expansion, shifting viewer patterns and an overabundance of available content in various forms and lengths, one could be forgiven for thinking that linear TV is at grave risk or at least due for a major shift in its business model.

She goes on to talk about how data is changing the game for consumers and advertisers alike. Later in her article she references the panel our CEO, Lance Neuhauser, participated in and how he said, “It is important to make the most of every data set.

He stated that, “Social is the largest set of anthropological information now available,” he said. “It is the largest focus group.” He sees that consumers are using ad breaks to engage in social media or texting. “We need to start from the future and work our way back, and recognize that consumers no longer need to watch ads,” he advised. “They can fast-forward, subscribe, pick up their phones, etc.” Linear TV is playing catch up — and it will be slow. “You have linear trying to change with 50 years of infrastructure,” he added.

In his session, Lance shared enthusiasm around how linear TV pipes are opening up to applications of first-party, second-party, and third-party data and how APIs are enabling automation around the procurement of broadcast and cable inventory.

Being the respectful panelist that he is, Lance refrained from giving a full on sales pitch but he very well could have claimed that the future of advanced advertising is here with 4C TV and pointed to our recent NBCU partnership and Mediaocean integration as further evidence.

Indeed, we’re bringing in social data from Facebook, Twitter et. al., ad occurrences from Teletrax, viewership from Nielsen and Inscape, audience and offline data from TruSignal, and the list goes on.

As our CPO, Anupam Gupta, told Beet TV in a recent interview, we can help you figure out “how you want to allocate your budget to reach the goals that you have.”

At the end of the day, working your way towards the future – or back from it – should always be anchored in consumer insights and tangible outcomes.

With that in mind, let’s give Lance the last word as cited in Multichannel News:

If you’re not creating multiscreen experiences that are leveraging all the interaction from consumers and only looking at TV as TV, you will miss the mark.

Now it’s time to stay present with the rest of 4C’s Insights.

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