There’s 8-minute abs (or 7 if you prefer), the 4-hour work week,  the 2-minute drill60-second salads and 30 seconds to Mars.

Now get ready, because here comes 2-second branding!

New research from Oracle Data Cloud and Facebook (details here in Ad Age) shows that video ads shorter than 2 seconds have a disproportionally positive impact on driving in-store sales for CPG products – more than 50% of the lift when analyzed with longer ads.

Meanwhile, a Nielsen study commissioned by Snap (reported here by Wall Street Journal) revealed that 66% of awareness lift for Snap ads happens in the first 2 seconds.

So what does this mean for brands? Just as with all benchmarks, every marketer should run his or her own tests to isolate variables and measure performance.

We’ve all seen the graphic about what happens in an Internet minute. It’s time for brands to think about what happens in a social 2 seconds.

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