Vince Velasquez


Vince (pictured right) has worked at 4C for over two years and focuses his attention on Omnicom, pitching new business, growing existing clients, updating clients on releases and features, learning their needs and trying to solve for them with 4C. He came to 4C with a background as a social activator for Sears, and he loves the people and challenges here. It’s exciting to try and break into new TV business and to have the chance to provide strategic input and bring his experience and strong client relationships to bear on the process.


  • Originally from Nebraska (Go, Cornhuskers!) he majored in public health at Purdue and interned in Swaziland working with kids affected by HIV who had to become head-of-household at age 12.
  • He is a potter and a silversmith.
  • He plays competitive softball and volleyball.