Artur Linkowski


Originally from Poland but having grown up in the U.S., Art flew to England on a lark, met up with Kirsty Brice, 4C Marketing Director, EMEA, (he knew her husband’s best friend) heard about a job at 4C, got it, and decided to stay! He works on the social side of Client Engagement for EMEA, as the main point of contact for clients with questions about or issues with the platform.


  • Art is a hardcore supporter of Huddersfield Town, and was thrilled to be living in England and to attend the final when they made the Premier League. (He has frequently exchanged emails with Sir Patrick Stewart, one of the other dozen or so hardcore Town supporters.)
  • He likes to explore London to find interesting pubs and cocktail bars. And places to watch football.
  • How did he become a Huddersfield fan? He went to the University of California Santa Cruz (Go, Banana Slugs!) and met up with a guy who was a devotee, and the rest is history.