We just completed research in the UK and found that nearly a quarter of media agency professionals spend 17 hours each week toggling between social platforms as part of routine campaign management.

Meanwhile, 7 in 10 acknowledged that the time it takes to execute paid campaigns across all social platforms presents a growing challenge to agencies. And 67% of those surveyed said the differences between platforms is the biggest annoyance of their job.

All this leads to real concern (84% of agency pros) about the value being offered to brands when so much of the time is spent on tactical minutiae. If only there were a single-view platform out there (pay attention you 45%!) to manage campaigns across social publishers…

Here at 4C, we’re all about putting time back into the hands of our clients. By offering a self-service platform that streamlines workflow across the six major social and mobile platforms, we make it easy to maneuver across publishers and drive brand performance. In fact, TechValidate research shows that 70% of 4C customers save at least 3 hours a week with some gaining more than 16 hours back.

What would you do with all that time? Our research showed agency pros would put the hours into creative (37%), analysis (35%), and handling more client accounts (34%). (It was a check all that apply for those keeping score at home.)

It’s great to see how our agency pals want to reinvest their time into client business but I’m also hoping some of that time is used to get out of the office at a reasonable hour and enjoy life.

And, of course, some of that time saved can be used to read more of 4C’s Insights.

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