This morning in Cologne, Germany I presented an update on the state of social advertising. With paid social budgets increasing by more than 50% in 2016 and expected to reach $101 billion by 2021, clearly this was a hot topic. And video is at the forefront of the growth. Be sure to download our new Social Video 101 white paper for everything you need to know.

Using a sample of the $167 million that ran through 4C in July and August 2017, we looked into spend trends across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat. It should be no surprise that we’re seeing strong growth on each platform which certain industry sectors really standing out.

Following the data dump, it was time to dig into the major trends stimulating paid social growth. Joining me on stage were execs from 4 of 4C’s leading agency clients to provide a well-rounded and truly global view of the landscape:

  • Olivier Gonzalez, General Manager at Socialyse, based in Paris
  • Michael Kahn, CEO at Performics Worldwide, based in Chicago
  • Ryan Storrar, Head of Media Activation at Essence, based in London
  • Paul Shepherd, President, Programmatic at Omnicom Media Group, based in New York (but hailing from Sydney)

Here are some of the key takeouts:

  1. Cross-Channel Audiences: The process of managing audiences across channels using first party and third party data is becoming easier as solutions like 4C Audiences enable 1:1 matching across the walled gardens. Paul discussed some of the ways Omnicom Media Group – through the combination of social, search, and programmatic display – is able to manage unique IDs across channels and devices.
  2. Predictive Marketing: AI and machine learning were the buzzwords du jour at dmexco. 4C is putting data science into play throughout our platform with the most recent innovation being our Pacing Dashboard. Michael explained how Performics has built out a robust analytics group that can do attribution across channels and determine when the next unit of investment is best allocated.
  3. Social Video: This is the hottest ad format in the hottest area of digital marketing and our new white paper breaks down the full opportunity. On the panel, Ryan talked about how Essence is taking advantage of sight, sound, and motion to introduce new products and drive deep audience resonance.
  4. Premium Content Networks: Beyond social media, linear television offers up high-impact creative opportunity in a brand-safe environment. The partnership this week we announced between 4C and Mediaocean allows marketers to integrate planning, buying, and measurement across TV and social.
  5. Live (Real-time) Ads: Pairing ads with real-life moments is a great way to cut through the feed clutter and 4C Sync makes it easy to do so at scale. Olivier shared some of the great results they’re seeing with TV sync in the financial services category and sport sync for the NFL.

The Drum was on hand to record the session and interview our panelists so you’ll be able to see more highlights soon. Meanwhile, you can check out the powerpoint on Slideshare.

4C – The State of Social

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