As students around the world head back to school it’s a good time to take stock of your marketing program and make sure you’re following these best practices to get to the head of the class:

  1. Get a new outfit. The first day of school is your chance to unveil a fresh look and show everyone the new you. To spruce up brands, marketers should sport the latest MarTech gear and get outfitted with the tools you need to make a good first (second, third, and millionth) impression. Hopefully your stack is a little more coordinated than my kids. 
  2. Find your BFFs. My little ones are just starting out at a new school and we’ve been working with them on strategies to make friends. Marketers should also be thinking about audience-driven strategies to identify and target your best customers and prospects.
  3. Sync your devices. We have not yet succumbed to the demands from our children for their own phones. For now, they’ll continue using our old ones on wifi and only for 30 minutes a day during TV time. Marketers have to contend with similar hard-to-reach distracted audiences and the best bet to capture their attention is by syncing ads across screens.
  4. Start planning for Winter break. I know it’s hard to start thinking about Christmas, Hanukkah et. al. right after finishing up another busy shopping season but December will be here before you know it and the time to get your partners and plans lined up is now.

Rest assured, 4C is here to help you get straight As!

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