Saturday night’s fight packed plenty of punch. Here are 5 marketing lessons that landed loudly.

  1. Everything that can be branded will be. From the mat and stools in the ring to the waistbands and teeth of the athletes, everything in this fight was sponsored. And for good reason. With a massive concentration of eyeballs all trained on a small space for a fixed time, true tentpole events such as these are highly rare in today’s fragmented media world. The key, as always, is deciding how to place a value on and measure the impact of the brand placement. After all, influencers abound but sometimes go wild.
  2. Everything that can go wrong will. The era of shaking your fists at the sky is over. These days, even the slightest tech glitch generates social media outcry. And when millions have spent $100 to watch a fight you get a full Twitter meltdown. That’s why consumers need to remember that everything is amazing and brands need a social response plan. Sometimes a simple apology is all it takes. Or not.
  3. There’s a fine line between hype and overpromise. The fight was promoted heavily and, for the most part, lived up to expectations. That doesn’t always happen. When it comes to new product launches, many marketers are tempted to pull out all the stops and make exaggerated claims. Putting your brand on a limb is not necessarily a bad idea as long as you can back it up…. even if it takes 14 years.
  4. Sometimes you have to play it safe. Mayweather is known as a defensive boxer, biding his time in the early rounds while his opponent gets worn out and then doing just enough in the late rounds to earn the victory. Like boxing, marketing is a marathon not a sprint. (Sorry for the excessive sport analogies.) Typically the brand safety battle is won between the ropes of walled gardens.
  5. You don’t always get a second chance. Supposedly this was Mayweather’s last fight and he plans to retire with a perfect 50-0 record. We’ll see if he’s able to turn down the massive offers that are sure to come for a rematch but McGregor likely missed his only opportunity to beat “Money” Mayweather. In marketing, you don’t often get a second chance either… certainly not to make a first (viewable) impression. So it’s imperative to come out strong and make the most of your precious few seconds.

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