Katie Dettman O’Brien


Katie acts as a central resource for sales, marketing, and product — enabling each with information from the others. She helps ensure the sales team has training and collateral, and the product team gets feedback from our clients and the market. Her work helps to explain features of our products, strategize marketing programs based on our roadmap and release cycle, and drive scale for the company. After graduating with a journalism degree, she became a media planner and buyer and gradually made the transition to product and marketing roles. Katie says the best part about working at 4C is how open it is to implementing new ideas and processes. “So many companies are so wrapped up in ‘the ways things have always been done’ and I love that 4C is all about finding the best way for things to be done.”


  • She is a big fan of Broadway musicals, and goes to see as many as she can. (She’s excited to see Les Miserables again this October — one of her favorites.)
  • Katie loves to get outside (often with her husband and dog) hiking, boating, or just drinking on a patio.
  • Katie has (fond?) memories of using Facebook back in 2006 when it was still a student platform and people wrote really weird and personal things on each others’ walls.