When Justin Timberlake utters these words as Sean Parker in The Social Network, it’s a seminal moment for Jesse Eisenberg/Mark Zuckerberg awakening to the potential scale of Facebook.

So, too, was it a seminal moment for 4C when we announced the milestone of $1 billion in annualized social advertising running through our technology platform heading into Q3 2017.

It’s fun to imagine our CEO Lance Neuhauser and Chairman/Chief Scientist Alok Choudhary using Sorkin-esque dialogue back in 2013 following the fortuitous airplane seat upgrade that led to Voxsup and The Echo System joining forces.

All theatrics aside, it is pretty darn cool to reach the billion-dollar mark as we ride the wave of social advertising technology into mobile, video, television, and beyond.

We’ve pretty much doubled every year since 2014 and there’s still tons of growth ahead as we build new software solutions for multi-screen marketing.

On behalf of everyone at 4C, thank you to our valued clients and trusted partners for helping us reach this momentous occasion and rest assured we won’t stop innovating because you know what’s really cool? 583 billion dollars.

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