Once upon a time, the only way people could get information about products they wanted to buy was by talking to the companies selling them.

These days, interacting with the companies selling the products is one of the last steps in the purchase process.

One of the first steps, and one that’s oft repeated throughout the process, is looking at customer reviews.

Indeed, just about every purchase people make – from consumer products to business software – is heavily influenced by peer input.

There’s just no replacement for hearing what actual customers are saying, especially in the case of B2B where the purchase prices and decision implications are extremely high.

That’s where G2 Crowd comes in. Here’s how its vision is described:

“The current approach to buying business technology is broken. Buyers spend too much time sifting through spin, reading outdated analyst reports, and sitting through endless meetings. After all this, buyers still lack confidence in their choice of technology and most projects fail to meet their expectations. We will change this. By capturing our collective wisdom, we will make purchasing business technology as easy as buying consumer products.”

A heady mission no doubt but a worthy one.

Here at 4C, we’ve been following G2 Crowd closely as it’s become a major destination for marketers who are evaluating various software solutions.

And we’re pleased to be ranked #1 in cross-channel advertising software for best ROI, smoothest implementation, and overall customer satisfaction based on 140+ verified reviews from actual customers.

Which Cross-Channel Advertising Software has the Best ROI?

Source: G2 Crowd

By the way, we’re also #1 in customer satisfaction for social advertising.

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