This week, as I was enjoying the traditional American 4th of July festivities, I got to thinking about why independence is so important… in media and technology, that is.

With the “The Gang of Four” (Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon) becoming more powerful and further consolidation happening among other conglomerates (i.e., Verizon/AOL/Yahoo and rumors swirling over Disney, NewsCorp/Fox/WSJ/The Times and Sky pending) there’s more scale for marketers than ever before.

As Robert Randolph would say, “Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

Where problems arise is when a lack of competition leads to loss of transparency and ultimately pricing inefficiency.

Preventing such unfavorable outcomes requires a vibrant ecosystem of third-party platforms.

These companies can certainly be interdependent but they must remain independent.

Media technology platforms can only deliver optimal results when they are not beholden to any one source of data or content.

The only masters they should serve are brands and their agencies.

So, to all the independents out there, do not go quietly into the night!

Rest assured, 4C will keep championing the cause.

And rest assured, we have plenty more of 4C’s insights to share.

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