We all know that technology is only as good as the people behind it.

That goes for the people building it, the people supporting it, and most importantly, the people using it.

However, in today’s marketing world, the lines are often blurred among these personas.

Indeed, some “tech” companies in the social advertising space are the ones only building, supporting, and using their products.

In these cases, all the customers get is a dashboard that shows how their campaigns are performing.

What would you call a company that gets paid to manage advertising for its clients and provide reporting on performance? An agency? A media provider? An ad network?

Take your pick of any or all of the above, but let’s not call them technology companies.

It takes a much different skillset and business model to develop tech versus running campaigns.

Unfortunately, there’s not enough transparency in the industry around how certain companies operate and what’s required to effectively manage social advertising.

That’s why we published an Agency Guide: Migrating from Managed-Service to Self-Service Advertising.

We invite all marketers who are interested in taking full control of their programs to download the paper and get empowered.

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