Last week 4C UK attended the Digital Marketing World Forum (DMWF) in London. DMWF is a global conference which focuses on the future of digital marketing technologies. The conference was divided into three streams:

  • Social and influencer marketing
  • Content, Data and Personalisation
  • Digital Disruption

Over the two days, there was insight from top brands including HSBC, NBC Universal and Pepsico. Unsurprisingly, the value of data was a re-occurring theme throughout the conference. Here are some key takeaways.

AI can streamline and machine learning can personalise

One of the biggest problems with big data is the sheer amount of it. However, AI can be used to automate processes that would otherwise be very time consuming. Furthermore, machine learning can enable companies to target their audiences more effectively through personalisation of content.

 VR hasn’t been widely adopted… yet

Although VR hasn’t been widely adopted by consumers, it should not be discounted by brands. Brands such as PepsiCo have used it to create very targeted campaigns giving us a glimpse into the possibilities of VR advertising.

Keep videos short but sweet

Many brands touched upon the topic of video and what they had learnt from producing videos. The importance of keeping videos concise was repeatedly spoken about. Time Inc UK shared how one of their most popular videos, seen by over 50 million people, was 45 seconds long with a low production value. Their results showed that keeping messages short and authentic was the best approach.

During the conference, Duarte Rego, 4C’s Client Sales Manager, spoke on the Social and Influencer Marketing track on “How data science can help marketers improve their social campaigns”. Duarte spoke about 4C’s affinities and explained how they can show some unexpected connections between brands and the value they can offer.

Overall, DMWF provided great insight into the latest industry trends and what we can expect in the coming years. Here at 4C, we’re working hard to capitalise on these emerging opportunities with proprietary AI and machine-learning solutions for targeting audiences across screens with high-impact video. We’re not seeing wide adoption of VR yet either but we’re always exploring new formats as part of our mission: #4CTheFutureofMedia.