Last week Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins delivered “the most anticipated slide deck of the year” at the Code Conference. Here are the direct links for Slideshare and PDF.

Behold the 10 key slides for 4C clients and partners:

  1. Slide 9 shows time spent on mobile is up 4x in the last 5 years but desktop has only dropped 15% during that time and has been flat each of the past 3 years. What this tells us is the overall digital media pie is growing. What this doesn’t tell us is how much of the consumption is being done simultaneously with offline media. Such behavior represents a critical aperture for advertisers.
  2. Slide 13 shows the percent of time spent with media against the share of total advertising spending for each channel. What we see here is that mobile is still not fully monetized and print is getting more than its fair share. Although the gap is closing quickly if you look back at this slide from 2 years ago so it’s clear the reckoning is coming for print. Meanwhile TV, digital, and radio – or shall we call it audio? – are in balance with programmatic platforms increasingly making those channels more efficient and relevant. Good luck with that, print!
  3. Slide 17 shows that social advertisers rate “Measuring ROI” as their top challenge and are primarily relying on Engagement as the key success metric. Alas, this is a giant problem but it can be solved.
  4. Slide 18 shows that ad blocking currently sits at 1% on mobile in US, UK, France, and Germany so not much to worry about there. Even on the desktop side, social networks are insulated from ad blocking adoption thanks to walled garden delivery of in-feed ad placements. Brand safety is also less or an issue for social – and TV for that matter – so you can feel good about your investments in those channels.
  5. Slide 20 shows how Facebook, Google, and Snap are providing more ways to target and measure ads. Subsequently Snap acquired Placed to connect online and offline. Indeed, multichannel analytics are all the rage these days.
  6. Slide 22 shows how Pinterest is turning browsing into buying. Pinterest has certainly found a nice niche at the intersection of inspiration and recollection and, as a result, is growing like wildfire.
  7. Slide 40 shows how Instagram influencers can impact followers through redistribution. But buyer beware, things can backfire when influencers go wild.
  8. Slide 47 shows the Amazon Echo evolution and points to broadening use cases with 12,000 skills currently available. The era of appsisstants is upon us and the imperative is to future-proof your marketing.
  9. Slide 125 is the only slide that shows anything Twitter-related and it’s just a tweet showing how people are sharing sport statistics. Seems like a big miss considering how vital the platform has become to multi-screen media consumption… not to mention the political process.
  10. Slide 166 shows the share of downstream video traffic with Netflix dominating followed by YouTube, Amazon, iTunes, Hulu, Xbox One, Facebook and BitTorrent. While many of these eyeballs are not accessible to advertisers there are plenty of good opportunities to be had as showcased in the NewFronts.

All told, the slide count hit 355 and I highly recommend flipping through the entire deck as it’s “essentially the state of the union for the technology industry.”

If you’re pressed for time though, rest assured you now have 10 good talking points for your next meeting.

Hopefully you can carve out 5 more minutes to read the rest of 4C’s Insights!

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