When it comes to marketing, B2B is no breeze – especially when you’re marketing to marketers.

For the marketing team at 4C, we really have our work cut out for us. Not only do we have to impress people who do media and marketing for a living, we have to measure our impact through a long and winding customer journey that can sometimes take years from lead to close and then (hopefully) many more years of growing customer lifetime value.

Sometimes I’m envious of my peers in B2C but then I remember that their audiences aren’t always easy to define and reach either.

Whether it’s B2C or B2B, the key is knowing your audience, speaking their language, and deploying the right tools to reach them at the right time. When it comes to the latter, there are many great platforms to help our team at 4C navigate the B2B marketing landscape and having the #1 ranked product in the category helps too.

One such tool is LinkedIn and we’ve gotten tremendous value from the world’s largest professional network. Leveraging advanced targeting options like company and job title, we’ve seen strong performance by combining multiple formats like Sponsored Content and Text Ads. And now Matched Audiences allow us to upload our email lists for retargeting our customers and prospects.

So if you start seeing 4C ads following you around LinkedIn, kindly take a moment to click so we can capture you in our attribution model. Am I speaking your language? Good. Now carry on down the funnel with more of 4C’s Insights.

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