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Yesterday, I moderated a 4C webinar entitled Address the Full Funnel with Snap Ads with speakers James Borow from Snap, Taylor Shannon from agency Resolution Media, and our own product guru, Seif Hamid. Like Snap Ads themselves, the content was highly engaging and the and audience was quite attentive.

When we first starting planning the webinar, James suggested framing Snap Ads features (targeting options, ad formats, etc.) using the classic marketing funnel – and wouldn’t you know it, the very next day I heard from one of our clients that they were still trying to figure out when and where to use Snap Ads at various points in the funnel. After all, with some marketing channels being years (if not decades) old, it can be very clear where and when to use certain tactics. However, with Snap Ads as the new tool in the marketing toolbox, the use cases may not yet be so obvious. With that in mind, we grouped everything accordingly but stressed that all of the Snap Ads features and targeting options can really be utilized for any type of campaign.

Snap Ads and the Funnel

Snap Ads at the top of the funnel help marketers build awareness of their goods and services.

  • Snap Ads Long-Form video leverage mobile sight/sound/motion at its best. Snapchatters can swipe to watch these long-form videos while staying in the app.
  • Snap Ads Web View is a feature that embeds a pre-loaded web site, making access to the site near-instantaneous upon swiping up.
  • Sponsored Geofilters and Sponsored Lenses are unique and engaging experiences that leverage the mobile camera in creative ways.
  • Broad targeting options such as standard age, gender, geolocation, and Snap Lifestyle Categories help marketers target users at the top of the funnel in strategic ways.

Snap Ads at the middle of the funnel can be used to stimulate consumer interest:

  • Snap Ads Web-View can be used for mid-funnel activities such as lead generation and offer redemption.
  • Snap Audience Match (SAM) anonymously matches data from existing customer lists to target Snapchat users in a personally identifiable information (PII) compliant way.
  • Reengagement targeting allows you to build a targetable audience of Snapchatters & lookalikes who have engaged with your national lenses, geofilters, or Snap Ads.
  • Datalogix (DLX) Category Targeting based on segments via the Oracle Data Cloud helps marketers extend their audience strategy from other channels into Snap Ads.

Finally, Snap Ads at the bottom of the funnel can push consumers over the finish line to deliver on key business objectives:

  • Snap Ads Web-View can drive Snapchat users to specific pages of your pre-loaded website such as product pages or other deep links.
  • App Install Attachments are valuable ways to monetize mobile consumers.
  • We also touched again on Snap Audience Match, Reegagement Targeting, and 3rd party audience targeting as they can not only help in the mid-funnel, but certain bottom-funnel campaigns as well.

Creative Best Practices and Measurement

Next up was a series of creative best practices shared by Taylor based on her personal experience with running Snap Ads campaigns for a large, global advertiser. Taylor really punctuated the fact that targeting and ad formats are important, but if you don’t have great creative and storytelling, the ads won’t have the desired impact.

Key creative best practices takeaways included:

  1. Keep creative simple and concise.
  2. Wait to introduce your brand logo until 1 or 2 seconds in to the video.
  3. Where possible use celebrities and rewards
  4. Avoid opening with product close-ups and quick scene cuts.
  5. Build for Snapchat, don’t repurpose.
  6. Frontload the most impactful info.

From there, we touched on the importance of measurement, both available native Snap Ads metrics and 3rd party measurement partners to help close the loop such as Nielsen, Moat, and others.

Using an API Partner

Finally, we highlighted the benefits to using an API partner (such as 4C) when building and managing Snap Ads campaigns. Seif highlighted some of 4C special features for running Snap Ads such as Smart Groups, Target Sets, Social Sync, and advanced reporting.

I presented the following bullets on generally why using a Snap Chat API partner can be beneficial for advertisers:

  • Additional features not offered natively by Snapchat
  • Ability to run auction-based campaigns across the app (Discover, Live Stories and User Stories) and generate the most efficient CPM
  • Freedom to optimize targeting and creative throughout the campaign to discover what works best for your audience
  • Goal-based bidding to optimize to impressions, swipes, or app installs (yet just pay for impressions)
  • Unlimited creative swapping and on-demand reporting

Overall, we covered a lot of ground and I want to thank our speakers and everyone who attended. We’re seeing tremendous growth for Snap Ads through 4C – 593% across all categories in our Q1 State of Social report. For those of you who have limited or no experience with Snap Ads yet, be sure to watch the full webinar and download the presentation for a great primer on everything Snapchat has to offer.