This week we launched 4C TV at the Advanced Advertising Summit in NYC.

Armed with our new solution, brands can go beyond targets like age & gender and metrics like reach & frequency to engage their most valuable audiences through the big screen.

Our Chief Product Officer, Anupam Gupta, was on hand at Advanced Advertising giving demos (demonstrations) of how we advance targeting from demos (demographics) to affinities.

Speaking of affinities, our CEO, Lance Neuhauser, was on stage for a panel appropriately titled, “Affinities: A Deep Dive into Targeting Data.”

Ever quotable, Lance dropped some juicy nuggets that made their way across the Twitter.

Here are some of the best bytes:

On using demographics as proxies, Lance quipped, “No one walks outside and says, ‘I’m a 38 year old male, how am I supposed to act?'”

On the optimal use of demos, Lance observed, “We’re moving to a point where demographics are an output, not an input.”

On reach & frequency, Lance posited, “Netflix doesn’t say, ‘Let’s show the House of Cards thumbnail a 7th time and maybe they’ll watch.'”

On measurement standards, Lance proclaimed, “One metric isn’t serving the interests of [all] advertisers.”

On data management platforms, Lance offered “It’s not just about aggregation. It’s about use and application.”

On the topic of targeting, Lance said, “Brands need to realize they’re farmers and plant the seeds to attract customers.”

On when all this will truly take hold, Lance referenced, “The future is here, it’s just not widely distributed.”

Over lunch, I chaired a roundtable tasked with synthesizing the entire morning’s discussions into a single tweet.

Here’s what we came up with:

Now that’s a tweet of a different color!

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