Most major brands make extensive plans around tentpole events like the BRITS, Oscars or Super Bowl. They set up social media war rooms to engage their audiences and highjack the conversation.

Most companies also have always-on social media teams to deliver marketing messages and respond to customers throughout the year. These folks often have complex if/then plans for every possible scenario from how to amplify praise to how to handle criticism.

Alas, even the best laid schemes of mice and men oft go awry. I can’t imagine anyone at PwC had a social response plan in the can for butchering the Best Motion Picture winner at the Academy Awards.

Sure enough, PwC took it on the chin and tweeted out a statement:

To which I replied:

So whether it’s corporate responsibility or sarcastic memes, the lesson here is you must always be ready with your social response.

May you have more Oreo moments than Onion moments or – what now has a new definition – Oscar moments.

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