Today, Instagram launched Stories Ads globally for all advertisers. A full-screen, vertical photo or video that appears between Instagram Stories, this immersive ad format provides a new opportunity for advertisers to build highly visual and creative experiences in social media. With the launch of Stories Ads, Instagram continues to support its vision of providing a platform for visual inspiration where brands can bring their story to life and connect with the audiences they care about.

4C has been a beta partner for Instagram Stories Ads and we’re excited to open this new format up to all our clients now. “As the role of video continues to grow in social, more and more of our clients are trying to find new ways to leverage video in telling their story on this channel. With the release of Snap Ads, clients are eager to jump at the opportunity to also run Instagram Stories Ads to enhance their reach against a younger audience through 4C,” says Vince Velasquez, Senior Account Executive at 4C.

While Stories is a relatively new feature in Instagram, there are already over 150 million people using Instagram Stories every day, which should make any brand take notice. In fact, 70% of Instagrammers follow a business and one-third of the most viewed stories are from businesses.

With emerging ad opportunities like Instagram’s Stories Ads, brand advertisers can take advantage of some of the same forms of creative expression popular with social media users like Instagram apps (Boomerang, Hyperlapse, Layout), unique stickers, filters, drawing tools, etc. “Instagram continues to raise the bar in new and immersive creative advertising experiences with different avenues for businesses to connect with customers and prospects,” says Stephan Haggerty, Product Manager at 4C.

As Instagram comes off a great 2016, the launch of Stories in Ads should bode well for advertising revenue. In a study late last year, US ad agencies named Instagram as the top social network they plan to increase their budgets with in 2017.

In 4C’s Q4 State of Social Report, we also found ad spend on Instagram grew 57% quarter-over-quarter, and 138% year-over-year. “Instagram is a key channel for 4C and we are excited to continue our partnership and enable our clients to take advantage of new ad opportunities that build strong consumer-brand relationships,” says 4C CEO, Lance Neuhauser.

There’s no denying that the continued rise of social and mobile advertising has prompted much innovation, especially in the provision of experiential formats for brands to connect with audiences. Such opportunities are allowing brands to drive messaging home in a way that has a greater potential for genuine impact.

For more information on Instagram Stories Ads, connect with your 4C Engagement Manager or Account Representative. Here are some top-level details on the launch provided by Instagram:

  • Stories Ads is launching globally to all advertisers on March 1st, 2017.
  • Stories Ads is launching with the reach objective first (photo or up to 15-sec video, 9:16 full screen); full-funnel objectives are coming over the next few months.
  • Ad creation via Power Editor to start with all the same targeting and buying mechanisms will expand to Ads Manager, API, and AM at launch.
  • Stories Ads allows a one-card/one-media story, a great format for showcasing a limited time promotion (seasonal, sales), product inspiration and discovery, new product launches, exclusive experiences, behind the scenes content, and more.
  • Instagram Business Tools will soon include insights on stories. For businesses converted to a business profile, they will be able to see the reach, impressions, replies and exits for each individual story within Business Tools.