Yesterday, we participated in the GABBCON Audience-Based Buying Summit in New York.

Representing 4C was our SVP, Product Management for TV solutions, Akhil Parekh (not pictured) as well as our VP Product Marketing, Josh Drelller and our Marketing and Social Media Specialist, Grace LeDuc.

I won’t get into a recap of the key event topics. Grace will follow up with a blog post on that front. In the meantime you can watch the Facebook live video Josh did on the show floor.

What I do want to address is the name of the conference. While it’s not my favorite meaning for the acronym – these guys will forever be ABB to me – Audience-Based Buying certainly suits the context and gets to the heart of the (r)evolution underway in TV advertising.

These days, there are so many terms that get thrown around to describe the future of TV – Audience-Based, Advanced, Addressable, Automated, Affinity-Driven…. and those are just the As! Don’t get me started on the P for Programmatic. (Reminds me of a joke.)

Methinks Jim Nail, Principal Analyst at Forrester put it best on our webinar when he said TV will evolve pragmatically not programmatically.

So what should we call this space we’re entering? I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about this as we near the launch of our 4C TV Suite.

The bottom line is I don’t think there’s any one word that captures it. It seems like the most momentum exists behind Advanced TV so I’m willing to hitch our wagon to that horse. But it does seem terribly non-specific. Mr. Dreller likened it to the early days of Digital when people used the word “Interactive” – and often used it obtusely.

Oh well, I suppose I should just be thankful we’re having the conversation at all.

What do you think? Go ahead and GABB, er, grab a cup of coffee and talk amongst yourselves….

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