What a game!

Biggest comeback. First overtime. Most first downs, offensive plays and two-point conversions. Most passing attempts, yards and completions. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots broke or tied at least 30 records en route to victory in Super Bowl LI.

The big game brands scored big too. Buick drove a 91,269% bump in social media engagement. Airbnb hosted a 22,892% increase. Mr. Clean polished up 23,564%. Audi steered 18,846% North. Bud Light hopped 2,438% higher. Coke popped a 7,523% spike. And Pepsi drank in a 649% jump.

As predicted, many brands capitalized on multi-screen storytelling and the combination of TV and social media was game-changing. My personal favorite was the Bai spot set to ‘N Sync’s Bye Bye Bye featuring Christopher Walken, Justin Timberlake and, of course, the hashtag #BaiBaiBai. The results speak for themselves with Bai saying hello to a 106,953% social lift.

What was your fave? Hit reply and let me know. I’m thirsty for more water cooler convo.

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