The highly-acclaimed Hamilton musical ends with the cast asking the audience, “Who tells your story?”

Throughout his life, Alexander Hamilton worked tirelessly to foster a reputation that would allow him to enact his policy and create an enduring legacy.

With this careful crafting of his personal brand and obsession over optics, one could say Hamilton was the founding father of reputation management – and a cautionary tale of what happens when you try to control the narrative.

Modern marketers know what it’s like to duel over market share and realize there’s no magic bullet when it comes to connecting with your audience.

These days, creating a compelling storyline can go a long way and earn accolades aplenty – ok, maybe not Tony Awards but MediaPost Creative Media Awards ain’t bad.

We can only imagine what Alexander Hamilton might have done in today’s era of media proliferation and fragmentation – one thing’s for sure, he would have gotten even less sleep!

With so many ways to produce content, surely the man who penned 51 Federalist Papers would have gone beyond the quill and parchment to create an array of multimedia.

And he surely would have tapped Snapchat as part of his storytelling.

If only Hamilton were around to #4CTheFutureofMedia.

He would not throw away his shot.

And neither should you.

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