All PR is good PR.

Call me what you want, just call me.

These age-old idioms are being challenged as we enter a truly “unpresidented” era.

The conventional wisdom used to be that any brand mention by an influential figure was welcome.

However, we’re seeing significant backlash against brands mentioned by the new US President, no matter how flattering the context.

For our Pre-Inauguration Impact Report, we looked at five companies that have been mentioned by the President, and found that in each case, brand sentiment declines following a Trump Twitter mention – whether the mention was positive or negative.

The silver lining is that overall brand engagement goes up but it seems like the attention may be unwanted.

As countries around the world see a rise in populism and nationalism, the global economy is set to be profoundly impacted.

At a micro-level, we all need to look inwardly at our brands to understand how best to align and/or avoid the narrative.

Alas, there’s no indisputable answer just as, it seems, there are no indisputable facts.

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