Sorry for the direct responsy headline. Sometimes you just have to play it by the book. 🙂

On Thursday, we published our State of Social Advertising Q4 Report and indeed key metrics were up across the board with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Snapchat all showing strong growth. For the period, 4C saw a 65% overall increase in paid media through our platform and finished the year on a run rate of nearly $1 billion.

The white paper features sharp insights from some of our leading clients including eBay, Performics, Rise Interactive, Chacka Marketing, Booyah Advertising, and Resolution Media.

Hot trends included orchestration, audiences, Snapchat, search, metrics and, of course, video.

We also featured best practices from our top-ranked client services team across topics like audience activation, time targeting, calls-to-action, testing & learning and creative sequencing.

For a who’s who and what’s what in the social advertising world, be sure to download our State of Social report and read on for more of 4C’s Insights.

Read the rest of 4C’s Insights Volume 39 here.

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