No, that’s not a rhetorical question. Nor is it a joke with an unexpected punchline.

More than just better together, the combination of TV and Social Media is nothing short of a revolution. And with that revolution comes power, fame and responsibility.

We were reminded of this during the Golden Globes when Meryl Streep used her platform on TV to call for vigilant protection of the press after calling out the US President-elect. And we were reminded of it once again when the President-elect fired back using his platform on Social, which has become Trump’s way to bypass the media and issue 140-character press releases.

Now, let’s not get political here and just take a moment to recognize how intertwined TV and Social have become in today’s fragmented media landscape. Whether its tweets scrolling on the bottom of the screen, TV commercials driving social engagement, or celebrities and politicians duking it out, the amplification effects of TV and Social are incredible. They have truly created a new channel that helps each one scale more than it could on its own.

You can see the spike for yourself in our 2017 Golden Globes impact report as Streep’s speech set off a hockey stick of engagements with Trump.

So there you have it. When TV and Social Media come together, big things happen and the world takes notice.

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