Yesterday, I attended a Salesforce executive event in Chicago. Among other dazzling facts showing how fast the company was growing ($10 billion revenue in 2017) were stats about the impact its making on the world ($389 billion GDP contribution and 2 million new jobs worldwide by 2020) through the Salesforce ecosystem. 

The speakers also covered the social good being done by Salesforce including donations of time (1.8 million service hours), money ($137 million in grants) and product (30,000 nonprofits and education beneficiaries).

Google is another company that puts a lot of effort into philanthropy. You might even say it’s a key part of the company’s go-to-market strategy. And it certainly comes in handy when a little PR spin is needed.

6 years ago I wrote a book about the Big G and one of the chapters was titled, “Altruism Sells.” In it I talked about Google’s mantra of “Don’t Be Evil” and how that corporate credo cascades down throughout the organization. In fact, just this week, Google announced it will be powered 100% by renewable energy in 2017.

There’s no better time than the last month of the year to reflect on the good you’re doing personally and professionally. Besides making you feel good, doing good is also just good business. For inspiration, check out Fortune’s “Change the World” list of the top 50 companies ranked by measurable social impact, business results and degree of innovation.

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