Earlier this month, G2 Crowd released its Winter 2017 Social Advertising Report with 4C earning a spot in Leader quadrant on the grid and the top spot overall for customer satisfaction based on client reviews.

Back in March, we announced that 4C has been ranked #1 in customer satisfaction for the inaugural G2 Crowd report on social advertising so we’ve effectively held that position for 6 months running.

This designation is especially rewarding for 4C as it is based completely on user reviews. In fact, we’ve received over 100 reviews to date. Many thanks go out to our amazing clients who testified on our behalf via G2 Crowd and push us to be the best every day.


Behind the scenes ensuring our clients are always able to take advantage of the most innovative features for managing their campaigns is our team of best-in-class product managers and engineers. We release platform updates each week so the latest and greatest is always available to our clients for buying media across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat.

We pride ourselves on our self-serve technology solutions that allow marketers to easily seize the power of data science through actionable insights that can be directly plugged into campaigns. While the managed service solutions provided by others on the G2 Crowd grid typically rely on people to fill any holes in their platform, our commitment to self-service requires us to solve problems with code and productize all enhancements. In so doing, we’re able to deliver a seamless user-experience with advanced features that are straightforward out-of-the-box and boost performance for campaigns of all shapes and sizes.

Here are some of the key capabilities of 4C Social Ads that our clients rave about:

  • Ability to sign into all six major platforms with a single login
  • Discovery of untapped insights through 4C Affinities
  • Custom targeting criteria for holidays and tentpole events using 4C Audiences
  • Management of multiple ad sets at the same time with Smart Groups
  • Optimized performance through rules-based bidding
  • Massive time savings with streamlined bulk editing tools
  • Coordinated multi-screen ad delivery via TV Sync, Weather Sync and Sport Sync
  • Robust analytics with our cross-publisher dashboard


Here are some of our favorite reviews from G2 Crowd:

“We are creating great value for our clients by getting Facebook and Twitter to work at an efficiency they could not achieve before with a prior agency. We are taking full advantage of 4C’s proprietary tools (i.e. 4C Affinities and Teletrax) to increase scale and performance for our campaigns.” Jeff G., Senior Specialist Media Client Services, Merkle

“4C is a tool that will be helpful for anyone looking to manage their social ad campaigns across major social platforms. Optimization and planning tools are easy to learn and immensely helpful.” Dowoo L., Media Supervisor, Starcom MediaVest

“Optimisation of our campaigns has improved considerably since we started to use 4C. Using the rules combined with audience builder we are able to highly refine our activity for clients and have driven down the key metrics as a result – CPIs for mobile app installs, in particular, have improved by at least 20%.” Giles H., Head of Distribution, Dentsu Mobius Media

Thanks again to all of our clients and partners who helped make us #1 in customer satisfaction. We will do our best to continue earning that distinction and we look forward to delivering more innovative solutions across social, TV and beyond in 2017.

To download the G2 Crowd Winter 2017 Social Advertising Report, click here